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9 steps to a perfect pedicure at home

We love beauty treatments (such as 100% HVAC women), but not always have enough time to visit beauty salons.

A beautiful home is quite possible, especially before a surprise trip or special occasion.

Well, some procedures are performed quite difficult at home, such as a pedicure, but the appropriate list of tips can greatly facilitate this.

Here are the basic steps for perfect toenails made ​​at home:

1. Pre remove any residues of old varnish on the nails.

2. Soak feet for 10 minutes in a bowl of hot water. To get the best effect, add it little baby oil.

3. With a brush or pumice stone for the fifth remove hard skin layers, where available (on the heels, toes and around the pads).

4. Exfoliating Cream with secondary particles will do a good job then. Rub it across the foot and massage gently to remove the last residues in solid leather. Mint products are particularly suitable in the summer heat, as calm and cool.

5. Rinse and pat dry, then push back cuticles of your nails with a wet spatula or stick Cuticle. Shape using the file if necessary.

6. Apply plenty of moisturizer to the feet. When it is warm, it is best not use too oily products, such a light texture.

7. Apply a layer of lacquer-based, to smooth the nails and avoid subsequently flounder with colored lacquer. Allow to dry and only then proceed with staining.

8. Place the selected color paint, leading it from the base to the tip of the nail from the middle to the outer edges. Allow to dry for several minutes before applying the second layer.

9. Finally, wait to dry before sealing with a top coat..