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How to accelerate the growth of nails

Beautiful and healthy nails are the most important thing to have a perfect manicure. Nails are very important from an aesthetic point of view, so that gives you some tips so that your nails to grow faster, be healthy and beautiful.

Nails can easily break or split, if you do not take good care of them. The lack of vitamins in your body can cause this, and therefore not how to grow. The most important vitamins for healthy nails are C, B, E and A.

If you are fed up with short nails and it seems awfully long to wait for them to grow, you need to know: Chicken nails properly if you hurt them, they can not grow. Chickens in only one direction.

Eat healthy and take lots of vitamins and minerals.
Use foundation and nail polishes that contain these vitamins, as well as nail polish remover with the same ingredients.

Put olive oil to enhance the effect of vitamins. In addition to your cuticles will be soft tile will be more shiny and healthy.

If you want beautiful, long nails, care for your body. The body is one.