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Great battle – Blue vs. purple

Trends in autumn manicure is embroiled in a light dispute.

Who will prevail color – dark blue or purple grapes?

We have two hands purple, though rich and emphatic tone, which captures the blue nails is also quite compelling.

Matter of personal choice! What is yours?


Key trends Autumn manicure

Last season in fashion nails experienced a renaissance of matte texture, bump of green shades, and was very popular flower greige, which is a mixture of gray and brown.

Soon will come the autumn, through it we can expect the imposition of dark and bright colors and bright French manicure.

Here are the top trends for next season


In the summer of fashion were neon varnish palette for fall will be darker tones: dark purple, dark blue and black. In addition, leading manufacturers of lacquers gave priority to the frosted shades and brilliant svedoha to a minimum.


Metallic colors will also be quite fashionable in the next season. Popular color will be “wet asphalt” bright gold and silver matte.


For lovers of vintage manicure can offer so-called pin-up style. It uses deep purple, bright red fruit tones and colors.


Bright colors still present in the latest collections of leading brands, but they are much more jacked. Grassy tones are darker blue also