French manicure

Even before it appeared French manicure, women painted their nails over the past 5000 years. Despite the countless shades of nail polish for women is very difficult to combine paint his nails with his clothes. But time passed, because humanity created the French manicure.

He goes to all and is suitable for all occasions – from formal dinner, business lunch, cocktail, holiday to the sea or mountains.

French manicure

The tip of the nail turns any color close to the body and one that will fill the rest of your plate. The ideal combination is white, ivory or beige with cream transparent. So your manicure is elegant and natural finish of your hand. You may also be combined with any clothes to wear for all occasions.


Here are some tips on natural nails and sexy:

– Dip your hands in lukewarm water can soften your cuticles.
– Clean your nails and shaped them according to their desire.
– Apply oil or cream to nourish skin, then gently podsupete towel to absorb excess fat.
– Wait a little and wipe again.
– Put on a coat.
– If your tile is not well formed and it is difficult to apply varnish to the outer edge of the nail, use special pads that can be found everywhere. Put the chosen color for french manicure.
– Remove the protective strip before polish is completely dry.
– Put the entire nail plate – beige, pink, flesh, ivory – your choice.
– Put the top coat.
– Rub hands with oil or cream.
Do not worry if your procedure from the beginning is difficult. With practice you will become professionals.

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