My Nail Care + Basic French Manicure (Como hacer manicure casera)


Metallic luster is still here!


Some trends come and go!

So rushed circumstances and “metal” nails, which is already two seasons have their cold shiny decoration.

Many stars fell in love with a special film for nails, which gave the name of a particular technique for a manicure – minx.

Rihanna and Beyonce do not you just download from their hands after their designers saw it on the catwalks a year ago.

Shiny nails you can thanks to the lakes such as Chanel, China Glaze, Revlon …


But more effect try foil nail. Visit his personal manicure kit or buy a minx nails, which can contain up to 10 different types of film, special glue, glitter, stones and instruction.

So, until next October manicurists from Fashion Week are clear – metal nails remains a leading trend.

Great battle – Blue vs. purple

Trends in autumn manicure is embroiled in a light dispute.

Who will prevail color – dark blue or purple grapes?

We have two hands purple, though rich and emphatic tone, which captures the blue nails is also quite compelling.

Matter of personal choice! What is yours?

Key trends Autumn manicure

Last season in fashion nails experienced a renaissance of matte texture, bump of green shades, and was very popular flower greige, which is a mixture of gray and brown.

Soon will come the autumn, through it we can expect the imposition of dark and bright colors and bright French manicure.

Here are the top trends for next season


In the summer of fashion were neon varnish palette for fall will be darker tones: dark purple, dark blue and black. In addition, leading manufacturers of lacquers gave priority to the frosted shades and brilliant svedoha to a minimum.


Metallic colors will also be quite fashionable in the next season. Popular color will be “wet asphalt” bright gold and silver matte.


For lovers of vintage manicure can offer so-called pin-up style. It uses deep purple, bright red fruit tones and colors.


Bright colors still present in the latest collections of leading brands, but they are much more jacked. Grassy tones are darker blue also


wedding manicure

They say that marriage is the most special day in the life of a woman.

Particularly interesting is the function of the bride during marriage ceremony because she suddenly bear the burden of a wedding ring, her need to vreche in things that in most cases it then go through the nose and the top becomes the object of universal contemplation.

Dress, hairstyle, shoes, makeup, tan skin, jewelry, nail … It remains the smallest detail unnoticed.

Came across a simple, gentle and beautiful ideas for wedding nails that might be of interest to any future bride, and not only.

9 steps to a perfect pedicure at home

We love beauty treatments (such as 100% HVAC women), but not always have enough time to visit beauty salons.

A beautiful home is quite possible, especially before a surprise trip or special occasion.

Well, some procedures are performed quite difficult at home, such as a pedicure, but the appropriate list of tips can greatly facilitate this.

Here are the basic steps for perfect toenails made ​​at home:

1. Pre remove any residues of old varnish on the nails.

2. Soak feet for 10 minutes in a bowl of hot water. To get the best effect, add it little baby oil.

3. With a brush or pumice stone for the fifth remove hard skin layers, where available (on the heels, toes and around the pads).

4. Exfoliating Cream with secondary particles will do a good job then. Rub it across the foot and massage gently to remove the last residues in solid leather. Mint products are particularly suitable in the summer heat, as calm and cool.

5. Rinse and pat dry, then push back cuticles of your nails with a wet spatula or stick Cuticle. Shape using the file if necessary.

6. Apply plenty of moisturizer to the feet. When it is warm, it is best not use too oily products, such a light texture.

7. Apply a layer of lacquer-based, to smooth the nails and avoid subsequently flounder with colored lacquer. Allow to dry and only then proceed with staining.

8. Place the selected color paint, leading it from the base to the tip of the nail from the middle to the outer edges. Allow to dry for several minutes before applying the second layer.

9. Finally, wait to dry before sealing with a top coat..

How to accelerate the growth of nails

Beautiful and healthy nails are the most important thing to have a perfect manicure. Nails are very important from an aesthetic point of view, so that gives you some tips so that your nails to grow faster, be healthy and beautiful.

Nails can easily break or split, if you do not take good care of them. The lack of vitamins in your body can cause this, and therefore not how to grow. The most important vitamins for healthy nails are C, B, E and A.

If you are fed up with short nails and it seems awfully long to wait for them to grow, you need to know: Chicken nails properly if you hurt them, they can not grow. Chickens in only one direction.

Eat healthy and take lots of vitamins and minerals.
Use foundation and nail polishes that contain these vitamins, as well as nail polish remover with the same ingredients.

Put olive oil to enhance the effect of vitamins. In addition to your cuticles will be soft tile will be more shiny and healthy.

If you want beautiful, long nails, care for your body. The body is one.

Manicure of features. How?

Today we present a simple photo tutorial features a manicure.

One of the most important things is to first choose the color that you want to include. In this case, are used four shades of green.

You need a thin brush with which to apply the features. It is important to clean the brush immediately after using it, otherwise you risk to break your nail. For cleaning use the best cotton ball, soaked in nail polish remover.

First apply a base for paint, then the base color, in this case it is bright green.

Then start with the features, follow the photos below:

French manicure

Even before it appeared French manicure, women painted their nails over the past 5000 years. Despite the countless shades of nail polish for women is very difficult to combine paint his nails with his clothes. But time passed, because humanity created the French manicure.

He goes to all and is suitable for all occasions – from formal dinner, business lunch, cocktail, holiday to the sea or mountains.

French manicure

The tip of the nail turns any color close to the body and one that will fill the rest of your plate. The ideal combination is white, ivory or beige with cream transparent. So your manicure is elegant and natural finish of your hand. You may also be combined with any clothes to wear for all occasions.


Here are some tips on natural nails and sexy:

– Dip your hands in lukewarm water can soften your cuticles.
– Clean your nails and shaped them according to their desire.
– Apply oil or cream to nourish skin, then gently podsupete towel to absorb excess fat.
– Wait a little and wipe again.
– Put on a coat.
– If your tile is not well formed and it is difficult to apply varnish to the outer edge of the nail, use special pads that can be found everywhere. Put the chosen color for french manicure.
– Remove the protective strip before polish is completely dry.
– Put the entire nail plate – beige, pink, flesh, ivory – your choice.
– Put the top coat.
– Rub hands with oil or cream.
Do not worry if your procedure from the beginning is difficult. With practice you will become professionals.

Leopard nails. How?

Leopard nails is quite fashionable lately.

Today we have prepared a short guide on how to achieve it.

You need three colors paint, pencil and something to make a point, a toothpick or pin, for example.

First apply a base color, in this case using neon purple.

Allow it to dry thoroughly and then add the points.

Then, using fine brushes made of shape leopard pattern.

You wish to add here and there and black spots, to add a brilliant finish clearcoat.